[TOS] how broad a mandate?

Janardhan Iyengar janardhan.iyengar at fandm.edu
Mon May 4 21:42:14 UTC 2009

Hi Greg,

> sense.  Do you discuss equity issues in a data structures course, or an 
> operating systems course, or a Java course?

I haven't discussed equity issues yet, but yes, I do discuss "other" issues in my intro and in my data structures course.  For instance, we discussed privacy in a recent data structures class. I discussed FOSS as an "outside topic" in my intro class.  I hope to do more short pieces in my courses about different topics---IP, piracy, e-voting---that are relevant.  I've not thought about OS yet, but in my networking course, I plan to do a piece on net-neutrality.

- jana

Janardhan Iyengar
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Franklin & Marshall College

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