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> My first question.  What's the difference between this book and Karl
> Fogel's "Producing Open Source Software"?
> I'd say there are a few important differences.
> 1. Fogel focuses on running a project.  We should focus on contributing to
> a project.
> 2. Fogel focuses on "professionals".  Our textbook should focus on
> students.

A somewhat orthogonal bit I have noticed in content aimed at students
is that they tend to try and put the students into "buckets" based on
where they are in their academic sessions. This is a downside that is
perhaps best avoided.

> 3. Fogel's book is not "lesson oriented".  Our textbook must be.

It has to be because it then gets a buy-in from the teachers and,
lends itself to assignments.

Thanks for the finely drawn out plan.

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