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Frank Hecker hecker at mozillafoundation.org
Wed May 13 17:48:58 UTC 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 5:24 PM, David Humphrey
<David.Humphrey at senecac.on.ca> wrote:
> Can we create a "pluggable architecture" here so that case studies are
> similar enough that you can use them to compare/contrast, and substitute
> as necessary?  If there was a template of things to include, that would
> make this more valuable for those looking to assemble things later.

To expand on Dave's question (since I was discussing this with him
earlier today), there are a lot of common things you find across all
open source projects:

* licensing strategy
* other legal issues (e.g., copyright assignment, trademarks, etc.)
* source code control strategy (type of VCS, e.g., CVS vs. Subversion
vs. Mercurial, distributed vs. centralized repositories, branching
philosophy, etc.)
* bug and other issue tracking
* code review processes
* release engineering and related topics
* technical governance (e.g., module ownership and related concepts)
* ... and so on...

The idea is that organizing the case studies according to a template
would make it easier to create them (helping ensure we've answered all
the relevant questions about a project) and would also help students
orient themselves when learning about a new project.


Frank Hecker

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