[TOS] Teaching materials, or textbook?

Matthew M. Burke mmburke at gwu.edu
Wed May 13 17:58:57 UTC 2009

A few (semi)random thoughts:

-- A couple of others touched on this, but I think it's very important 
to have a clear notion of what pre-requisites students should have and 
what are the outcomes we'd like to see students achieve.  In some sense 
this is implicit in the outline of topics we settle on, but I think it 
ought to be made explicit from the beginning.

-- To some extent this is probably a function of Chris's outline being 
more detailed, but his emphasis on information that addresses being 
overwhelmed, being a novice, understanding the culture, etc. is really 
good.  One trait I notice in many of my students is an underdeveloped 
ability to "get up to speed" (for lack of a better way of putting it).  
And I see this in some of my colleagues as well---the ones who have 
neither programmer professionally nor worked with large code bases.

-- If O'Reilly isn't interested, it might be worth considering the 
Pragmatic Programmers.

-- And let me add "me too" to those interested in working on this.


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