[TOS] Teaching materials, or textbook?

Philip Olson philip at roshambo.org
Thu May 14 17:14:50 UTC 2009

> On a related topic, there is a Google Summer of Code project to  
> build a
> web-based DocBook editor plugin for Beacon
> (http://www.kix.in/projects/beacon/) but I doubt it'll be done in time
> to really be feasible at this time.

We over at the PHP project have been working on an web-based DocBook  
editor and so far it's made good progress. It's active and also a gsoc  
student is working on it this summer. One future goal is to make it  
generic enough to work with non php.net projects which shouldn't be  
too difficult. The editor itself is somewhere between alpha and beta  

A demo using the PHP Manual sources from CVS:

  Anonymous CVS User: cvsread Password: phpfi
  - http://ytorres.dyndns.org/doc-editor/

If the textbook goes the DocBook route then I can commit time making  
this work with it.


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