[TOS] Teaching materials, or textbook?

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Fri May 15 13:14:47 UTC 2009

> > One of the problems here is that O'Reilly is going to want the book
> > formatted in either DocBook or (heaven forbid!) Microsoft Word (with
> > their fancy macros that make it very DocBook-like).
> O'Reilly can also accept ODT (OOo) styled with a stylesheet they
> provide. Afaik, they transform it to DocBook too.

It also depends upon who your editor is at O'Reilly. I was lucky enough to use vi, Pseudopod, and subversion:


With ReedMedia (http://reedmedia.net/), we used vi, LaTeX, and subversion. It looks like with APress we'll be using OpenOffice, but I have convinced them to use subversion as I can't envision writing a book without version control.


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