[TOS] Reworking faculty evaluation criteria for collaborative / networked disciplines

Frank Hecker hecker at mozillafoundation.org
Sun Oct 4 16:30:03 UTC 2009

I've been doing a fair amount of online reading about new media art
(partly Mozilla-related, partly for my own interest) and came across
something I thought might be of interest: The guidelines that the New
Media department at the University of Maine has created for evaluating


Faculty working in new media art have similar issues to what we've
discussed in the context of TOS: much work is done collaboratively
both across institutions and with people outside academia, much
"publication" is done via informal channels (mailing lists, blogs,
wikis, etc.), and there's not a lot of traditional institutional
acceptance and promotion of people's work. So I thought the approach U
of Maine is taking might be of interest.


Frank Hecker

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