[TOS] TOSS session at FSOSS: getting the game plan together

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Fri Oct 30 13:54:15 UTC 2009

Conversation on #teachingopensource in the hour to arrange things before 
we actually show up and start presenting. Who's coming, what do we want 
to do, etc? Chris has some slides, I have a strawman (below), I'm sure 
other people have other ideas, we'll figure out how to improvise it all 

Here's my strawman for our FSOSS slot for TOS (~40m?), assuming that we 
want our audience to (1) care, (2) be informed, and (3) act, and that 
they need to happen in that order.

TOS: Why Do I Care?

A Totally Improvised Play In Three Acts

Dramatis Personae (add others in similar roles as needed):
Chris, A Professor
Greg, Some Dude From Industry
Mel, Who's Going To Rewind Time Slightly And Be A Student

Act I: The Status Quo
Wherein Chris lectures and Mel is utterly apathetic and Greg is all "wtf
this kid is useless we can't hire her" (I can display Utter Horribleness
on my monitor, like "=== Why source code management matters: order
versus chaos ="  and
"=== You may already use version control =" examples from


Act II:
Wherein some convo like http://fpaste.org/DPTW/ takes place and Chris
applies the magic of TOS! and Mel goes *learnination!* and Greg is like
"damn. want a job?"

Act III: And In A Perfect World, We'd...
Wherein everybody comes together around contributions to an open source
project and students learn and professors have fun and industry gets
great hires and grant money comes in and research gets published and
people get flown to conferences and happiness and puppies!

...and then present our projects, participation hooks, discussion, yada
yada. (The above scenes should take waaaaay less than 5m each.)

Basically, act I = where we were (and where most people are), act II =
where we are, and act III = where we want to be.


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