[TOS] FYI : other new documentation online: UserLevel in prefs ( OpenOffice.org source code)

eric.bachard eric.bachard at free.fr
Thu Sep 3 09:47:31 UTC 2009


I was working for a new feature we'll implement in OOo4Kids ( 
http://wiki.ooo4kids.org ), and I documented all my code, and the 
changes I did in OOo4Kids, based on OpenOffice.org source code. The 
feature is completely backportable in OOo, of course. If ever I find 
some time, I'll translate in french, and create other locale entries 
(de, pt, es ). The current license will change, for LGPL v3 once 
integrated in OOo4Kids, or ported in OOo , or on demand, of course .. 
and so on.

=> the link : http://wiki.ooo4kids.org/index.php/ChooseLevelInPrefs

Don't forget this is work in progress, but you got the idea, and please 
correct my errors if you find some (I'm not a native speaker as you 
probably understood ;-)

Last but not least: I was wondering : does it worth to propose a 
ClassRoom about such feature ? Explaining what I did, where it was, or 
simply answering questions ?

Eric Bachard

Education Project: 
Projet OOo4Kids : http://wiki.ooo4kids.org/index.php/Main_Page
L'association EducOOo : http://www.educoo.org
Blog : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/news

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