[TOS] FOSS & Research in Scottish Universities

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Sep 3 14:38:22 UTC 2009

gordon dunlop wrote:
>  I received a forwarded email today via a member of my LUG from M.J. Ray
> asking about information on UK University FOSS research groups. I realized
> that he is also a member of this list so I am posting this reply on FOSS in
> Scottish Universities here as I think the other members might find the
> information interesting.

Thanks for that.  However, it sounds like the question may have been
unclear, or mangled during forwarding.  The original is at

I was looking for UK research groups *studying* FOSS rather than
using or developing it, like the maybe-vanished osrg.hud.ac.uk.
Is there a maintained listing of UK University FOSS research groups?
Are there any?

I've had a direct reply suggesting asking oss-watch (the FOSS advisory
service in the same space), but I guess people from there watch this
list too (*waves*) so need I still do that?  ;-)

Interesting details on the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen
nonetheless.  I share some of the stated views about the weakness of
new graduates in working with FOSS and would go so far as to say that
academic qualifications don't help us to evaluate developers as much
as any experience they might have gained outside their course.

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