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Hey, are any of you familiar with CISSE?  Interesting to pursue?


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Subject: 	Call for Papers: The 5th CISSE International Conference
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*     The Fifth International Joint Conferences on Computer,         *
*  Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering (CISSE 2009)   *
*                                                                    *
*                   **http://www.cisse2009online.org*

*                                                                    *

December 4-12, 2009
Sponsored by the University of Bridgeport
Technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, Communications

Society and Education Society (Connecticut Section)


CISSE 2009 provides a virtual forum for presentation and discussion of the

state-of the-art research on computers, information and systems sciences

and engineering. CISSE 2009 is the fifth conference of the CISSE series of

e-conferences. CISSE is the World's first Engineering/Computing and Systems

Research E-Conference. CISSE 2005 was the first high-caliber Research

Conference in the world to be completely conducted online in real-time via

the internet. CISSE 2005 received 255 research paper submissions and the

final program included 140 accepted papers, from more than 45 countries.

CISSE 2006 received 691 research paper submissions and the final program

included 390 accepted papers, from more than 70 countries. CISSE 2007

received 750 research paper submissions and the final program included 406

accepted papers. A total of 948 paper submissions were received for CISSE

2008 and the final program included 382 accepted papers, from more than 80


The virtual conference will be conducted through the Internet using

web-conferencing tools, made available by the conference. Authors will be

presenting their PowerPoint, audio or video presentations using

web-conferencing  tools without the need for travel. Conference sessions

will be broadcast to all the conference participants, where session

participants can interact with the presenter during the presentation and/or

during the Q&A slot that follows the presentation. This international

conference will be held entirely on-line. The accepted and presented papers

will be made available and sent to the authors after the conference both on

a DVD (including all papers, PowerPoint presentations and audio
presentations) and as a book publication. Springer, the official publisher

for CISSE, published the 2005 proceedings in 2 books and the CISSE 2006,

CISSE 2007 and CISSE 2008 proceedings in four books each.

Conference participants - authors, presenters and attendees - only need an

internet connection and sound available on their computers in order to be

able to contribute and participate in this international ground-breaking

conference. The on-line structure of this high-quality event will allow

academic professionals and industry participants to contribute their work

and attend world-class technical presentations based on rigorously refereed

submissions, live, without the need for investing significant travel funds

or time out of the office.

The concept and format of CISSE is ground-breaking. The PowerPoint

presentations, final paper manuscripts and time schedule for live

presentations over the web had been available for weeks prior to the start

of the conference for all registrants, so that the participants can choose

the presentations they want to attend and think about questions that they

might want to ask. The live audio presentations were also recorded and are

part of the permanent CISSE on-line archive - accessible to all

registrants - which also includes all the papers, PowerPoint and audio


Potential non-author conference attendees who cannot make the on-line

conference dates are encouraged to register, as the entire joint

conferences  will be archived for future viewing.

The CISSE conference audio room provides superb audio even over low speed

internet connections, the ability to display PowerPoint presentations, and

cross-platform compatibility (the conferencing software runs on Windows,

Mac,  and any other operating system that supports Java). In addition, the

conferencing system allowed for an unlimited number of participants, which

in turn granted us the opportunity to allow all CISSE participants to

attend all presentations, as opposed to limiting the number of available

seats for each session.

Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers electronically in

Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format through the website of the conference
at: http://www.cisse2009online.org

Accepted papers must be presented in the virtual conference by one of the

authors. To submit your paper, please visit

CISSE 2009 is composed of the following four conferences:

*International Conference on Systems, Computing Sciences and  Software *

*Engineering (SCSS 09)*
Topics: Grid Computing, Internet-based Computing Models,  Resource

Discovery, Programming Models and tools, e-Science and  Virtual

Instrumentation, Biometric Authentication, Computers for People  of Special

Needs, Human Computer Interaction, Information and  Knowledge Engineering,

Algorithms, Parallel and Distributed processing,  Modeling and Simulation,

Services and Applications, Embedded Systems  and Applications, Databases,

Programming Languages, Signal Processing  Theory and Methods, Signal

Processing for Communication, Signal  Processing Architectures and

Implementation, Information Processing,  Geographical Information

Systems,Object Based Software Engineering, Parallel  and Distributed

Computing, Real Time Systems, Multiprocessing, File  Systems and I/O,

Kernel and OS Structures.

*International Conference on Telecommunications and Networking (TeNe 09)*
Topics: Optical Networks and Switching, Computer Networks,  Network

architectures and Equipment, Access Technologies,  Telecommunication

Technology, Coding and Modulation technique, Modeling and  Simulation,

Spread Spectrum and CDMA Systems, OFDM technology, Space-time  Coding,

Ultra Wideband Communications, Medium Access Control, Spread  Spectrum,

Wireless LAN:  IEEE 802.11, HIPERLAN, Bluetooth, Cellular Wireless

Networks, Cordless Systems and Wireless Local Loop, Mobile Network Layer,

Mobile Transport Layer, Support for Mobility, Conventional Encryption and

Message Confidentiality, Block Ciphers Design Principles, Block  Ciphers

Modes of Operation,  Public-Key Cryptography and Message  Authentication,

Authentication Application,  Stenography, Electronic  Mail Security, Web

Security,  IP Security,  Firewalls, Computer  Forensics.

*International Conference on Engineering Education,  Instructional *

*Technology, Assessment, and E-learning (EIAE 09)
*Topics: Instructional Design, Accreditation, Curriculum  Design,

Educational Tools, 2-2-2 Platforms, Teaching Capstone Design,  Teaching

Design at the Lower Levels, Design and Development of e-Learning  tools,

Assessment Methods in Engineering, Development and Implementation  of

E-learning tools, Ethics in Education, Economical and Social Impacts of


*International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology  & *

*Automation (IETA 09)
*Topics: Advanced and Distributed Control Systems, Intelligent  Control **

Systems (NN, FL, GA, .etc), Expert Systems, Man Machine  Interaction, Data

Fusion, Factory Automation, Robotics, Motion Control,  Machine Vision, MEMS

Sensors and Actuators, Sensors Fusion, Power  Electronics, High Frequency

Converters, Motors and Drives, Power Converters,  Power Devices and

Components, Electric Vehicles and  Intelligent Transportation, Process

Automation, Factory Communication,  Manufacturing Information System

Advances in Manufacturing Systems,  Industrial Applications of Multi Media,

Intelligent Systems  Instrumentation, Industrial Instrumentation, Modeling

and Simulation, Signal  Processing, Image and Data Processing, VR and

Parallel systems.

*Paper Submission
Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers electronically in

Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format through the website of the conference at

Accepted papers must be presented in the virtual conference by one of the

authors. To submit your paper, please visit
Paper submission  Deadline:          October  12th, 2009
Notification of  Acceptance:         November 13th, 2009
Final Manuscript and Registration:   November 26th, 2009
S. Patel
Technical Support, CISSE 2009
University of Bridgeport
221 University Avenue                     info at cisse2009online.org
<mailto:info at cisse2009online.org?subject=CISSE%20Inquiry>
Bridgeport, CT 06604, U.S.A.              http://www.cisse2009online.org


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