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As you probably know, the OpenOffice.org Education Project is working on 
a light version of OpenOffice.org (under LGPL V3). The idea is to work 
with students, on new features, performance issues, and so on, and 
propose for the backport in OOo only for the best code/ideas. The 
OpenOffice.org source code is so rich, that a big amount of subjects can 
become a support for pedagogical purpose, and more !

Feel free to test it, and why not join the effort?

Below, the official announce, including the link for the download

Best regards,
Eric Bachard


OOo4Kids, (pronounce "OpenOffice for Kids") is a software (work in 
progress) designed for 7-12 children, based on OpenOffice.org source 
code, but simplified. This means OpenOffice.org has some features 
OOo4Kids has not. And if you need those features, please use 
OpenOffice.org, that you can download at : 

For the one who would like to test OOo4Kids, for instance a development 
version, 0.5, already very stable but not complete, it is now possible 
to download it at the URL :

=>  http://download.openoffice.org/index.html

This site is gracefully provided by TuxServices ( 
http://www.tuxservices.com  ), and maintained by Nicolas Jeudy and Ben 
Bois. If you appreciate our work, please think to help us (donations 
and/or participation) via the non profit assiciation, 1901 law, EducOOo 
( http://www.educoo.org ), who supports OOo4Kids.

Before to use OOo4Kids, you must make a backup of your documents, and 
you must NOT use OOo4Kids in production.

We currently only provide the following locales : french, spanish, 
english-US, portugese and german

For the Operating Systems / processors :

- OOo4Kids for Windows (XP mini) : the installer is included. Follow the 
instructions and launch OOo4Kids.

Known issues: OOo4Kids works perfectly in parallel with OpenOffice.org. 
But the last installed between them, will beneficiate of the file 
association. Thus, if you want to open office documents with 
OpenOffice.org, doube clicking on them, think to reinstall 
OpenOffice.org *after* you have installed OOo4Kids

- Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC) : Installs and works perfectly in 
parallel with OpenOffice.org.

A double clic on the downloaded archive, will automatically mount the 
disk image. To install the software, drop the OOo4Kids icon in the 
Applications folder (strongly suggested).Then Dock the icon, and click 
to launch OOo4Kids. The preferences will be located in the 
~/Library/Application Support/OOo4Kids folder. If you encounter problem, 
or simply if you want to remove OOo4Kids (after you trashed the Bundle 
too, of course), just trash the prefs folder.

- Linux Intel : until we'll be able to provide correct .debs and/or 
.rpm, the Linux version will be provided as preinstalled .tar.gz  : 
uncompress the archive, and put the content in your personnal folder. 
Then search the soffice script, and ouble click on it will launch 
OOo4Kids. Once you verified it works correctly, create a launcher.

For the other versions (Linux PowerPC and Mips 32bits), they will be 
online very soon, and you can contact us if you want to test an older 

IMPORTANT : thanks to report us any problem on the dev at listes.educoo.org 
mailing list (subscription :
http://listes.educoo.org/mailman/listinfo/dev ). Last but not least, 
please remember you are using OOo4Kids at your own risks, and read 
carefully the instructions on the download page.

Best regards,
Eric Bachard

Education Project: 
Projet OOo4Kids : http://wiki.ooo4kids.org/index.php/Main_Page
L'association EducOOo : http://www.educoo.org
Blog : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/news

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