[TOS] RIT - Notes for students in OLPC development.

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Subject: RIT - Notes and Thoughts for students in OLPC development.
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Hello Class,

This is Wes, your TA for OLPC Development. I have some updates and
information I thought I would share with you.

1) In class today 9/15, after Professor Jacobs' lecture we will be focusing
on refining your IRC and MediaWiki skills. Specifically you will be working
through two exercies one in class and one as an out of class assignment.
Familiarize yourself with these before class if you have time.


2) Please create an account at gitorious.org and send me your user name.
This will be necessary for the git introduction we may get to today, if not,
Thursday. Nevertheless, make sure I have your gitorious account name asap.
Without your name on the commit list you will be unable to access the
necessary resources to complete your upcoming git assignments.

3) Feel free to read ahead regarding the git tutorial we will be using:
create an account at teaching open source, post, in the discussion area
questions or observations you make while using git.

4) Part of your assignment for today was creating accounts at
teachingopensource.org and trac.sugarlabs.org. Please note
trac.sugarlabs.org has been moved to bugs.sugarlabs.org as of a few hours

5) I am going to be holding office hours for the rest of the quarter from
10-12 on Thursdays in the Center for Student Innovation (B-87). If you would
like to stop by and discuss your project ideas I would be happy to
brainstorm with you.

6) Today at 3:30 pm, there will be a discussion in 70-2373 about the needs
and construction of the XS, the XO School Server. Students who wish to be
involved in this project are encouraged to attend.

7)Please note, this email was sent out to tos at teachingopensource.org. That
makes this thread part of a mailing list at Teaching Open Source. Please
take the time to sign up for this mailing list as well as others you feel
would be appropriate.

Check out:

I will be giving you personalized recommendations of mailing lists in your
mycourses and Wiki introductions.

See you in class,
Wesley Dillingham.
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