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David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Sun Sep 20 00:39:32 UTC 2009

Any chance you can record some to the GSoC mentor talks?  I am
expecting to spend about 50% of my time over the next six months
working on how to effectively engage students in open source projects.

My hypothesis is that immersion in a specific project will greatly
enhance the value of any open source class.  The challenges will be:
1. Identifying projects which students can effectively work on.
2. Have student create a project proposal which is compelling enough
to engage mentor.
3. Engage student in community via mentor.
4. Implement proposal.
5. Asses work.

All this must happen under under pretty time time constraints, 10 to 18 week.

And more importantly it involves establishing trust between:
Class Instructor ->  Open Source Project = Instructor must trust that
there student will have a valuable experence
Open Source Project -> class Intructor = Project must trust that the
time invested in the class will be worth it.
Mentor -> Student =  Mentor must trust that their time and effort
invested in the student will be worth it.
Student -> Mentor = Student must trust the mentor is useful and has
reasonable expectations.

I am not sure how to solve this, but I think is worth trying:)


On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 6:21 PM, Borja Sotomayor
<borjasotomayor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> To add to what Leslie said regarding the FOSS Mentors project, I'll be
> leading a session on "mentoring outside GSoC" at the GSoC mentor
> summit and I'll tell attendees about the Mentors project in TOS.
> Hopefully that will generate additional interest in the project and/or
> get more people actively involved.
> Cheers!
> --Borja
> 2009/9/19 Leslie Hawthorn <mebelh at gmail.com>:
>> I can't make the next call, but I can give an update on the FOSS Mentors
>> project.
>> I don't have the time to drive this effort and my efforts off-list to find
>> help in driving it haven't proved successful so far. I am excited to say
>> that we're developing a guide to mentoring students prior to the next Google
>> Summer of Code Mentor Summit (late October) so we'll be able to offer that
>> book as a resource to the TOS community and anyone who'd like to lead the
>> charge in helping projects reach out to university students.
>> Cheers,
>> LH
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