[TOS] Textbook authors: Copyright Assignment, please respond

Ross Gardler ross.gardler at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Sep 20 11:33:08 UTC 2009

2009/9/18 Ross Gardler <ross.gardler at oucs.ox.ac.uk>:
> 2009/9/18 Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk at redhat.com>:
>> Does OSS Watch have the capability to provide this service?  Because if you
>> do, I'd consider it.

I may have missed a trick here in my previous response (which was
Mozila has a better brand, so Mozilla builds more trust).

If OSS Watch were to handle this for you then the legal entity would
actually be the University of Oxford. Clearly the Oxford brand in the
academic sector is pretty strong even outside the UK.

Mozilla is a brand in the world of FOSS - handy for attracting those
who don't need convincing of the need and thus making things happen in
the short term.

University of Oxford is a brand in the general academic sense - handy
for getting attention from those who still need convincing and thus
making things happen in the medium term.

I still think that, on balance, Mozilla is a better place - mostly
because it means each contributor can repackage the book as having the
academic QA of their own organisation without the Oxford brand
interfering with the academic objectives. I just thought I'd raise
this in case people have strong feelings one way or the other.


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