[TOS] Introducing myself (new)

Prianggada I Tanaya prianggadaitanaya at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 01:26:53 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Prianggada Indra Tanaya (call me: Indra).

I found POSSE from INFOLINUX (http://www.infolinux.web.id/site/), a
linux-based printed magazine of Indonesia. I work as a lecturer at
Dept of Mechatronics, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, both from the
Swiss German University (http://www.sgu.ac.id), 2000-2002, and
continue again from 2006-uptill now.
Instead of teaching there, I work as an advisor for the development of
a new university, named, Bakrie University at Jakarta, especially for
the engineering faculty.

I earned a PhD degree from the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven
(KUL), Leuven, Belgium, with a major of production engineering -
computer science, a master in mechanical engineering degree from the
same university, with a major on production engineering - automation.

I have been using Linux since 1999, various distros, ... but mostly,
all of them are Debian-based derivatives. And, up till now, I am not
using any M$ box anymore at my desktop or notebooks. :-)

Once I work (well, advising a thesis student), or trying to understand
the development of F/OSS project on MatPLC (mat.sourceforge.net/).
However, I have not involved on the development process, only trying
to use the result of MatPLC and configure for a PLC (Programmable
Logic Controller) for industrial purpose on a production automation
setup. That work was at Mechatronics/SGU.

I was a team member for migrating the computing system from M$ to
Linux based system for SGU, at 2006.

With joining this mailing list, I would to know further, how is the
real development or became part of them of the open source software
community, and especially to the engineering software application.

Thank you for your attention, hopefully my intro is sufficient as a starter.
Best regards,

++ indra ++

Prianggada I Tanaya <pitanaya at linuxmail.org>
Registered Linux User #331656 <counter.li.org>
Ubuntu/Kubuntu Linux v9.04 @Acer Extensa 4630

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