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Tue Jul 13 10:16:35 UTC 2010

Being Productively Lost
Community Cultures
Open Communities and Diversity
Licensing the Code
Open for Business
Practicing the Open Source Way

Next semester I'll teach a software development course. Heidi's recommendat=
ion for requirements, design, and testing chapters serves well that course.=
 I would add chapters on deployment and support. Or maybe we can combine th=
e software process activities into one chapter, placed between Threats and =
Risks and Practicing the Open Source Way (which makes for a nice concluding=

My concern with the extended list of chapters is the risk of trying to do t=
oo much. We have to be careful about not diluting our focus on introducing =
'the open source way'. If this text gains popularity, the stage is set for =
other similar texts, either more advanced or more specialized. Similar to t=
he O'Reilly's 'head first' series, something like 'open source database app=
lication development' or 'open source games and simulations' and so forth.=


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On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 10:24:08AM -0400, Sabin, Mihaela wrote:
> Karsten,
> I'll be happy to help with editing and maybe contribute some content. In =
two courses I'm teaching this semester I'll be taking the students the 'ope=
n source way'. This is my info:
> Mihaela Sabin (University of New Hampshire)


Are you planning to use the textbook at all for those courses?

If yes or no, what's missing that you would want it to have to be useful fo=
r those courses.

Thanks - Karsten
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