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"..Part of its problem may be that its ability to intrigue and attract
software developers is also waning, which threatens its ability to steer
markets over the long term. When it comes to electronic devices, people
writing software have turned their attention to platforms from

"Meanwhile,* young technology companies today rely on free, open-source
business software* rather than Microsoft’s products, so young students, soon
to be looking for jobs, have embraced *open-source software *as well."


"And so the technology-minded people coming out of college have started
learning their craft on *free software *and betting their careers on
non-Microsoft wares."


“We did not get access to kids as they were going through college,”
acknowledged Bob Muglia, the president of Microsoft’s business software
group, in an interview last year. “And then, when people,* particularly
younger people*, wanted to build a start-up, and they were generally
under-capitalized, the idea of buying Microsoft software was a really
problematic idea for them.”


"Microsoft has tried to court young developers and young companies. In
November 2008, it created a pair of programs that give students free access
to Microsoft’s business and developer software. In addition, Microsoft
allows some start-ups to run their operations on its software *at no cost
over a limited period.*"


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