[TOS] POSSE weekly meeting, 2010-07-13

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Jul 13 19:22:22 UTC 2010


Meeting summary
* Current tasks  (mchua, 19:04:16)
   * LINK:
     (mchua, 19:04:20)
   * mchua is behind, but will be catching up shortly  (mchua, 19:04:33)

* Upcoming POSSEs  (mchua, 19:05:19)
   * POSSE China is coming up - the biggest issue is getting applications
     from attendees. iow, people plan on attending, but we don't know
     anything about them, so we can't approve them to attend.  (mchua,
   * POSSE South Africa is looking very good, thanks to madeyeye's hard
     work - it has instructors (jwildeboer and myself) but lacks a tech
     guru. Anyone know a good South African Fedora hacker?  (mchua,
   * POSSE Malaysia still needs instructors and a tech guru, but there's
     a general idea of how that might happen.  (mchua, 19:07:39)
   * mchua is worried about POSSE Philippines and EMEA not happening this
     fall because there hasn't been any news about it and the fall is
     coming close.  (mchua, 19:08:01)
   * Other POSSE ideas: beagleboard, Santa Cruz/California, Drupal, Olin,
     design, Arizona State, University of Kansas, Johns Hopkins,
     Scotland, Brazil, Plone, liberal arts.  (mchua, 19:08:56)

* POSSE program administration  (mchua, 19:09:34)
   * In terms of running POSSE, I'd love to have a professor (possibly
     with a course release) to work with on this in the spring - and make
     it a rotating thing, where a different professor gets a course
     release to coordinate coordinators of POSSE each year.  (mchua,
   * I'd also like to have a conversation at some point this month with
     anyone who's interested in - or already involved with - doing
     research on the effectiveness of POSSE, formal or informal, because
     we need to get a better idea of how we're doing.  (mchua, 19:12:01)
   * Our trademark for POSSE is *still* in the works. Legal stuff takes a
     while, apparently. :)  (mchua, 19:12:43)

* POSSE infrastructure  (mchua, 19:12:49)
   * ctyler, quaid, ianweller, and I are hoping to get POSSE some more
     solid infrastructure with a more distributed sysadmin team. Help
     welcome! We target completion of the work by the end of the month,
     with everything ready to roll by mid-august when school starts
     again.  (mchua, 19:13:40)
   * ianweller and mchua are hacking on a POSSE registration app this
     week in Santa Cruz  (mchua, 19:13:52)
   * ganderson-afk is doing some neat explorations on setting up
     infrastructure *within* RIT  (mchua, 19:14:10)

* POSSE curriculum  (mchua, 19:17:28)
   * quaid is revising the TOS textbook to be more useful as a reference
     to POSSE; we'll try this in China.  (mchua, 19:17:46)
   * mchua needs to clear time to work through a bit of curriculum
     overhaul on-list  (mchua, 19:18:03)

* Open discussion  (mchua, 19:18:08)
   * LINK: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_South_Africa
     (micadeyeye, 19:21:09)
   * POSSE SA's Thursday dinner will be sponsored by the IT department of
     CPUT, our gracious hosts :)  (mchua, 19:22:34)

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