[TOS] TeachingOpenSource.org - Infrastructure Plans

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Fri Jul 16 05:49:07 UTC 2010

TeachingOpenSource.org was formed in March 2009 as an outgrowth of
several discussions that took place at FSOSS, OSCON, and elsewhere. Its
infrastructure is currently hosted on a virtual machine that I set up
and maintain on a volunteer basis.

As the TOS community has grown, so has the need for better
infrastructure; this is particularly evident during POSSEs.

Red Hat has generously offered to fund the hosting of
TeachingOpenSource.org, and several individuals have offered to work on
the system administration, including Karsten Wade and Ian Weller.

In the interest of transparency, I'd like to discuss the infrastructure
arrangements here on this list. I invite comment and discussion over the
next week, with a goal of moving forward with plans next Friday (July

Here is the proposal:

- Hosting for TeachingOpenSource.org would be community-managed. In
order to bootstrap the admin team, Karsten Wade will be appointed
initial leader, and will oversee the task of putting together an initial
team and the development of procedures so that other qualified community
members can become involved.

- Hosting arrangements will be selected and negotiated by the initial
admin team. OSUOSL has offered to host TOS.o, and I anticipate that
other institutions may be willing to help; commercial options may also
be considered.

- Red Hat has generously offered to fund hosting, in return for
recognition as a sponsor of TOS.o.

- Red Hat has also proposed managing the TeachingOpenSource.org domain.
After considering this, my strong preference is that I will continue to
manage the TeachingOpenSource.org domain registration on behalf of the
community until such time as we form a independent legal entity to
manage it (such as something along the lines of freedesktop.org LLC).

I look forward to your comments on this proposal--


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