[TOS] TeachingOpenSource.org - Infrastructure Plans

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Jul 21 12:52:06 UTC 2010

> - Hosting for TeachingOpenSource.org would be community-managed. [...]
> - Hosting arrangements will be selected and negotiated by the initial
> admin team. [...]

+1 to both of those, including the trimmed detail.

> - Red Hat has generously offered to fund hosting, in return for
> recognition as a sponsor of TOS.o.

0 on that because recognition should be limited to an acknowledgement.
Something like pop-ups from every page would obviously be too far.

> - Red Hat has also proposed managing the TeachingOpenSource.org domain.
> After considering this, my strong preference is that I will continue to
> manage the TeachingOpenSource.org domain registration on behalf of the
> community until such time as we form a independent legal entity to
> manage it (such as something along the lines of freedesktop.org LLC).

-1 to this.  The domain is too important to leave in the hands of
someone who could (although we hope will not!) be incapacitated.  I
feel it would be better to transfer to a community legal entity such
as SPI-Inc.org (for example) until the group prefers its own entity.

Hope that helps,
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