[TOS] FW: Teaching Open Source at 16 Months: A Forward-Looking Retrospective

Sabin, Mihaela mihaela.sabin at unh.edu
Thu Jul 22 14:44:00 UTC 2010

I owe my involvement with TOS to HFOSS symposium at SIGCSE 2010. Since then the experience has been fast-paced and fantastic. 

POSSE workshops are critical to expose, immerse, and network faculty who are interested in teaching open source. Sustainability will become an issue. I thought I'm a resourceful and energetic person until I met Mel: haven't yet decided whether it's one or more orders of magnitude by which Mel surpasses the energy I have. Planning, organizing, and running these workshops depend on building capacity and securing support for that. Is it possible to have a mini-version of POSSE in a workshop format at SIGCSE and SIGITE? Many faculty attend these conferences annually and we'll get the opportunity to stay POSSE-connected. 

With the HFOSS and POSSE lessons and tools we took with us home, I assume that some of us have started wikis, redesigned courses, and involved students in FOSS-based projects. These activities probably have some online presence, which could be referenced (reached out) by TOS infrastructure. It's all about how we connect the dots. 

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Let's open this up: What are your reflections on the first year(+) of
TOS, where do we need to go next, and what is your role in helping us
get there?

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