[TOS] How can we mark what activities a particular group is doing within TOS?

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Mon Jul 26 20:25:47 UTC 2010

Ian, Karsten, and I were talking earlier today about TOS as a neutral 
gathering place where different groups and people came and brought and 
talked about their work, and how each group can categorize and keep 
track of the things they're doing within the TOS space.

I'd like to start keeping the Red Hat education strategy stuff I'm 
working on as pages on the TOS wiki, and would like to mark them as such 
- [[Category:Red Hat]], for instance, and perhaps a wiki page template 
with a Shadowman logo and a note at the top that a particular project on 
the TOS wiki (for instance, POSSE) is "a Red Hat community service." I 
could also see this being useful for other orgs and schools - "Hosted by 
OSU" or "an Allegheny project" or "brought to you by Seneca."

How would people feel about such templates? In suggesting this, I'm 
trying to be conscious of both the need for TOS as a whole to remain a 
brand-neutral space, and the need for folks to be able to point to their 
organization's work *within* that neutral space - would this compromise 
be ok?

If there are no objections in a day or two, we'll try it out and show 
folks what it looks like and offer help to other groups who'd like to do 
the same.


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