[TOS] How can we mark what activities a particular group is doing within TOS?

Peter Froehlich phf at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Jul 27 16:32:21 UTC 2010

Hi all,

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 11:21 PM, Chris Tyler <chris at tylers.info> wrote:
> I think that what you propose is the opposite of a neutral meeting
> place.

I think this is a matter of degrees rather than extremes.

> Consider what FreeDesktop.org would look like with such an organization:
> imagine the pages there each bedecked with "A GNOME Initiative" or "A
> KDE Community Service" or "An X.org Programme" logo/categorization. fd.o
> was formed in part to overcome exactly that type of division.

I agree that it shouldn't matter whether I am reading/contributing to
a part that is primarily done at organization O. If I have to ask O
for permission before I can contribute to their TOS pages, that would
be painful and unproductive. But if certain pages tell me that O is
running this for reason Y, that I find totally okay.

So to take POSSE, I think somewhere on the POSSE pages it should say
"sponsored by Red Hat" or whatever because it is in fact Red Hat
picking up some of the tab and allowing some of their people to spend
time on POSSE instead of other things (of course it should list other
organizations too that contribute to POSSE). If Red Hat were the
"dictator" of POSSE on TOS, that would be bad. Not sure I am
expressing this right, but maybe someone catches my drift and can say
it more clearly. :-D

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