[TOS] FW: How can we mark what activities a particular group is doing within TOS?

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Hello everyone,

Like Heidi, I too have been mulling over this question. Perhaps the answer
is as simple as ensuring all of our profile pages on TOS are up to date with
our bio information and a note stating that "my work in the Teaching Open
Source community is a part of my employment at <company, academic
institution>" or  "sponsored by my employer <name>" or "done to fulfill the
requirements of my coursework at <institution name, course #>."

Using the diff function on the wiki it would be clear whom had contributed
what to a particular section, though I wonder if that would be sufficient to
document coursework for students.

In the case of efforts like POSSE, describing it on the page as a community
service sponsored by RedHat would be just fine by me, provided that others
are welcome to say that they contributed under the banner of their employer,
academic institution, etc. (Which I feel confident that they are, but
someone correct me if I am wrong.)

Perhaps a logos page on TOS to represent all companies/groups that are
contributing employee time could help both with branding efforts and
acknowledging those businesses who are generously donating their resources
to TOS' efforts. It doesn't go as far as branding individual pages &
reinforces the community's mission to be vendor neutral.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 6:19 PM, Heidi Ellis <heidijcellis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I've been mulling on this for a bit. I think that there should definitely
> be
> a way for folks to attribute the originator, funder or supporter of work.
> For instance, I'd very much like to be able to post information about what
> my students have accomplished in FOSS and be able to label the work as
> being
> completed by "Western New England College" students. However, I'd prefer
> not
> to go so far as page branding.
> My thoughts originate from the idea that TOS is a meeting place for
> _people_, not organizations. My view of TOS is as a place for meeting of
> the
> minds. A place where I go to ask questions and listen to people who are
> doing interesting things in FOSS. I'm much more concerned about who the
> individual is and what they're doing, than the organization that they
> belong
> to. My concern is that if we "brand" pages, the organization rather than
> the
> individual will gain more attention.
> Just my two cents.
> Heidi
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> within TOS?
> Ian, Karsten, and I were talking earlier today about TOS as a neutral
> gathering place where different groups and people came and brought and
> talked about their work, and how each group can categorize and keep
> track of the things they're doing within the TOS space.
> I'd like to start keeping the Red Hat education strategy stuff I'm
> working on as pages on the TOS wiki, and would like to mark them as such
> - [[Category:Red Hat]], for instance, and perhaps a wiki page template
> with a Shadowman logo and a note at the top that a particular project on
> the TOS wiki (for instance, POSSE) is "a Red Hat community service." I
> could also see this being useful for other orgs and schools - "Hosted by
> OSU" or "an Allegheny project" or "brought to you by Seneca."
> How would people feel about such templates? In suggesting this, I'm
> trying to be conscious of both the need for TOS as a whole to remain a
> brand-neutral space, and the need for folks to be able to point to their
> organization's work *within* that neutral space - would this compromise
> be ok?
> If there are no objections in a day or two, we'll try it out and show
> folks what it looks like and offer help to other groups who'd like to do
> the same.
> --Mel
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Leslie Hawthorn
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