[TOS] Learning Subversion (and diff/patch, and tar)

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at openhatch.org
Thu Jul 29 02:34:13 UTC 2010

Hey all teaching open sourcerers,

I wanted to share something with you that we (OpenHatch) have been working on through
Google Summer of Code. I mention these things from time to time, but there's nothing
like actually trying something...

The training missions: http://openhatch.org/missions/

We have these automated learning tools we call "Training missions" that John Stumpo
has been putting together through Google Summer of Code. We just deployed an
interactive tool for learning Subversion a few hours ago! I want you guys to try the
new Subversion one.

We also have missions up for learning tar and diff/patch. These apply to non-coders
as well as coders; you need a lot of these skills just to get going in open source land.

Would you give them a shot and tell me what you think?


Or read our little manifesto about what they are, and why we think they're important:

Does it make sense? Is it something that you'd be willing to recommend to people? What
do you like about it, and what don't you?

Educationally (if hurriedly) yours,

-- Asheesh.

Bridge ahead.  Pay troll.

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