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Subject: Weigh in on K-12 Science Education Reform
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Dear Colleague,

An opportunity is at hand for AAAS members to make a significant
contribution to science education reform. As we noted in our 28 May 2010
editorial in *Science*, efforts are underway to move the nation toward a
"clear statement of learning goals for science that are the same across
states." A coherent set of learning goals is essential to the design of
curriculum and assessment materials, and the scientific community needs to
play an active role in the development process.

The Board on Science Education at the National Research Council has just
released a draft<http://www.members-aaas.org/l.jsp?d=5326.591931.654.2a6ZPFCns>of
a conceptual framework to guide the development of next generation
standards for K-12 science education and your input is needed. We hope you
will take the time to download and read the request from the
if at all possible to respond by August 2.


Alan I. Leshner, Shirley Malcom, and Jo Ellen Roseman


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