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Again, one might wish that were so.  Here's the email about this from the ACM SIGCSE list:

A committee of the National Research Council has released a draft framework for what all K-12 students are supposed to learn, updating an over 10-year-old set of standards.  "The framework developed by the committee will identify and articulate the core ideas in science in the disciplines of life sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering and technology, cross cutting ideas and scientific practices."

Despite a goal that the framework addresses "engineering and technology," the phrase "computer science" appears nowhere in the framework.  It is likely that the standards resulting from this process will also stand for 10 years or more. 

The ACM is preparing an organizational response.  Individuals and departments are also welcome to respond.  However, the deadline is short -- COMMENTS ARE DUE AUGUST 2.

For more information:
- The framework cover letter, with links to the detailed framework and the survey for responses: http://www7.nationalacademies.org/bose/Standards_Framework_Public_Draft_Cover_Letter.html
- Details on the framework process, the charge, and the public agendas: http://www7.nationalacademies.org/bose/Standards_Framework_Homepage.html
- My blog post with comments on the framework and the lack of computer science in the framework: http://computinged.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/what-are-we-chopped-liver-cs-left-out-of-national-academy-stem-standards/


Greg Hislop

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Is that possibly because, despite the name, the authors consider  
'Computer Science' to be under the domain of the Mathematics  

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> Interesting, but perhaps not as you might expect.  This document has  
> made quite a stir with the ACM and CSTA because it apparently makes  
> no mention of computer science.
> Greg

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