[TOS] no mention of computer science

Bonnie MacKellar mackellb at stjohns.edu
Thu Jul 29 14:34:49 UTC 2010

When I was at SIGCSE, I said this at every panel on K12 education, to
anyone who would listen (including grabbing the ear of John White from
the ACM at the reception for a few minutes!) - when it comes to K12
standards, if the subject is not explicitly mentioned in the standards,
THAT SUBJECT DOES NOT EXIST in the curriculum. I have kids in K12 right
now, in a district that is very standards-driven. They do not cover
anything that is not in the NY state standards.

If we want computer science and/or computational thinking taught at the
K12 level, it has to be explicitly stated in the standards.

Keep in mind, too, that your average K12 math teacher knows little to no
computer science (as is true of many math professors too)

Bonnie MacKellar (who has been lurking on this list, but reads intently
as I prepare my own TOS project)

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Is that possibly because, despite the name, the authors consider  
'Computer Science' to be under the domain of the Mathematics  

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> Interesting, but perhaps not as you might expect.  This document has  
> made quite a stir with the ACM and CSTA because it apparently makes  
> no mention of computer science.
> Greg

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