[TOS] How to become a POSSE instructor

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Mon Mar 1 12:12:32 UTC 2010

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 06:34:36AM -0500, Mel Chua wrote:

> >> Also: how would folks feel about requiring that at least one of the
> >> instructors at a POSSE teach - or have taught - at the college level? I
> >> think there's a lot of value in the professors-teaching-professors
> >> model, but could be adding more structure than we actually need.

> * POSSE California, if it goes for a second run with just Karsten and 
> Alolita, will have to find a professor to co-teach.

If I read you correctly, the first run will also have to find a
professor to co-teach.

> Overall, this seems like a net yea - especially if it encourages people 
> to get POSSEs together that might not otherwise happen. I'm going to 
> sleep on this for a day, and then if no objections have popped up in the 
> meantime, push it through.

For some reason this idea rankles me.

* Is there maybe more impact when e.g. a high schooler is teaching a
  POSSE than a professor?

* Is it the open source way to require to be taught by someone of an
  equivalent or higher education level?

* Is it a good lesson that the key to entry in to open source for
  professors requires at least one other professor?

* What happens when a now essential co-teacher arrives on the first
  day with a wildly different set of expectations than are required
  for actually teaching the course?  How is this different from when
  that happens with a student?

  (I don't think this last situation is unrecoverable, and it offers a
  potentially useful teaching moment, but it could also be an unneeded
  block in a road that is hard enough to get moving on.  When it comes
  to open source, we're never at a loss for teachable moments and
  being productively lost, no requirement to create them for a
  classroom's sake.)

Other than "professors teaching professors is interesting", what are
reasons for this requirement?

- Karsten
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