[TOS] How to become a POSSE instructor

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at webpath.net
Mon Mar 1 18:08:56 UTC 2010

Yes this is a good wrap up of what we spoke about.

I would only like to add that the discussion focused around inclusion 
practices rather than exclusion which is what the conversation was 
beginning to feel like.

What it comes down to is that the POSSE process still needs to define....

    * Must - where we can't be flexible because it isn't a posse without
      these items
    * Should - we'd like it to be this way, but we can fudge it a bit
    * can- doesn't go against anything but run it by us first

So Teach-Teams could start off being defined like this...

    * Must be a team of at least two instructors
    * Must have a Current/Pat Prof
    * Must have FOSS experience
    * Must have POSSE experience
    * Should be...
    * Should...
    * Etc.

As long as the teaching team members cover all experience points this 
group defines, it shouldn't matter what the division is.

For example, If Karsten came to the team with POSSE, FOSS and filled 
other yet to be defined experience points, his team mate need only fill 
out the rest of the criteria.  In this case a Prof learning the ropes 
would still work.  This format could provide enough flexibility to get 
the job done while meeting the needs of TOS and the POSSE class.


On 03/01/2010 12:25 PM, Karsten Wade wrote:
> It looks like you and Mel discussed this on IRC, so I'll do a wrap for
> the list.  We need a teaching team of 2 or 3, and in that mix, they
> MUST have real FOSS experience, and at least one of them SHOULD have
> higher ed teaching experience.  This rule doesn't exclude non-teachers
> from being part of the teaching team, much to the relief of Karlie and
> myself.
> Wrapping up the discussion here, the purpose is to help the nascent
> Teaching Open Source community of practice learn from the wider FOSS
> community of practice, and that educator-instructors helps bridge the
> gap for the educator-students.  This is because one of the goals is to
> help the educator-students learn how to motivate and make changes in
> their own instititutions by drawing people in to the new community of
> practice, for their own good!:)
> In all of this, we need to make sure that people who are potential
> members of the teaching team understand that there is a mix of skills
> and experience required that we all may not have, and none of it is
> any less valuable.
> I think in making this a SHOULD requirement we avoid the trap of
> having to take on a member of the teaching team because of a rule
> where there may not be one available with sufficient
> experience. (E.g., POSSE APAC last year.)  It becomes incumbent on the
> teaching team to make sure that a professor who hasn't attended a
> POSSE but is teaching one knows what to expect.  Beyond that, I'll
> stop supposing nightmare scenarios.:)

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