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Mon Mar 1 21:41:57 UTC 2010

 The conference organizer will need to take and process all room requests, and supply RIT with a guaranteed final count and rooming list 2 weeks in advance of the conference.  So, Mel et al need to be the housing agents.  That said, once the POSSE reg list and numbers have been set by Mel et al, should be blocked ASAP because there are likely multiple events on campus and the room supply is not endless.

If you want to spend big bucks and have a room all to yourself with AC from Sunday night Saturday night (so you can attend POSSE, FOSScon and travel home on Sunday)  it'll cost you $250 for the week ($33 a night plus $17 for your linens) 

If folks want an actual hotel, we can find some at about twice the price, well under $100 a night

 Room types: Air-conditioned dorm space:
Double Occupancy Room: $28.00 per person, per night
Single Occupancy Room: $33.00 per person, per night

Room type: NON air-conditioned dorm space
 Double Occupancy Room: $24.00 per person, per night
Single Occupancy Room: $27.50 per person, per night 

4.  Linen rental: Full package needed for all adult guests, to be handed out individually to each person at time of check-in. Package includes two flat sheets, two towels, one cotton blanket, one pillow and one pillowcase: $17.00 per person, per stay

5. Dorm beds:

 All beds will be in the bunked/lofted position upon the guests’ arrival. Special de-bunking requests must be made in advance, and the Housing Staff will de-bunk beds prior to guests’ arrival. If a guest requests his/her bed to be de-bunked by Housing Operations prior to their arrival, or a guest de-bunks a bed on his/her own, a $10.00 labor charge (per bed) will be added to the overall master bill. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to acquire the funds to cover this charge.

6.  Building access cards:
 participants will receive access cards for building and elevator access and keys for their rooms.
All keys and access cards must be turned in to the Summer Housing Office at the time of check out. A replacement charge of $85 per key and $5 per card will be assessed for any keys/cards not turned in.

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