[TOS] How to become a POSSE instructor

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Mar 2 07:58:03 UTC 2010

Wow. *Thank you* for all the feedback on the wording - the last thing I 
want the requirements to be is exclusive, I would *love* to see POSSEs 
co-taught by Karsten, Karlie, high school students, university 
sysadmins, and other community members, so it's important to make sure 
that this desire to include is actually well-communicated.

Trying to fix the bugs here...

 > As long as the teaching team members cover all experience points this
 > group defines, it shouldn't matter what the division is.

Agreed. How does the (much-revised) draft below look?


== Requirements for being a POSSE instructor ==

You learn how to teach a POSSE by co-teaching a POSSE with someone who's 
taught a POSSE before. This is how existing POSSE instructors teach new 
POSSE instructors, and it is the responsibility of both the experienced 
and the new instructor to set up whatever learning needs to happen for 
that apprenticeship to be successful.

To be eligible to co-teach your first POSSE, you must have:

* knowledge of and experience in FOSS communities
* knowledge of and experience in using tools relevant to your discipline 
in FOSS communities (version control for developers, FOSS graphics 
applications for designers, IRC for everyone...)
* a demonstrated ability and interest in teaching

A good way to get all three is to participate in a POSSE yourself - if 
you haven't participated in a POSSE, we ask that you co-organize the 
first one you co-teach at so that you see the POSSE planning process and 
get the flavor of the event beforehand.

After you have co-taught your first POSSE, you're a POSSE instructor, 
and can now team up with other current POSSE Instructors, as well as 
co-teaching with new instructors to train them.

== Instructor requirements for hosting a POSSE ==

A POSSE must be taught by at least 2 instructors.

A POSSE must have at least 1 instructor who has taught a POSSE before.

A POSSE must have at least 1 instructor with deep community involvement 
in that POSSE's focal project.

A POSSE should have at least 1 instructor who is teaching, or has 
taught, at the college level.

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