[TOS] Summer '10 POSSEs status

Magie Antonio magie at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 2 12:18:23 UTC 2010

> However, a POSSE in October is rather late for them as they will start
> working with the HS students next school year (June).  So, Herson's
> proposal of an "unPOSSE workshop" which would also serve as a dry run for
> the October POSSE sounded really good to me.

This is precisely why we initially scheduled the Manila POSSE on June 2010.

> So, I'd just like to clarify: is your Tulay session the same as the
> "unPOSSE workshop" that Herson was proposing?  If it's not, is the
> "unPOSSE Workshop" still on?

Yes, this year's TULAY will be the unPOSSE workshop that Herson is
proposing pending approval from our BOD.

Marie Grace Gaffud-Antonio
Executive Director
Bluepoint Foundation

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