[TOS] POSSE CA notes

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 4 05:41:46 UTC 2010

For transparency-fu: notes on the POSSE in Mountain View that will be 
running this summer. I'm sort of swamped at the moment but will be 
trying to get a final list out before the weekend, and formal 
announcements of the summer's lineup (along with "get more info here! 
sign up here! etc." links) will be coming out on Monday.


We are definitely go for POSSE CA. We have a hosting commitment from the 
Silicon Valley campus of CMU.

There will be one. (Not two.) It will be CS-focused.

We'll use Fedora as a foundation, but if Alolita can get a Mozilla
person in for a week (or someone from another project, etc) we'll tilt
the flavor that way to get some diversity into the projects with POSSE

Date: July or August - Alolita will be picking the date with Tony
Wasserman (of CMU) when Tony gets back on the continent at the end of
the month, we'll know by April 1st.

Room: everyone will bring their own laptops (laptop cart == bonus
points, so we can install stuff ahead of time and attendees don't have
to worry about it), room needs movable tables + chairs, whiteboards,

Next check-in: Monday, 8am CA time, 11am BOS time, #teachingopensource.

One thing we didn't bring up, in case it matters: attendance cap I'd
like to set at 30, since there are 3 of us we can handle a larger class
than normal.

Alolita, did I miss anything?


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