[TOS] Meeting to discuss HFOSS bootcamp / POSSE

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Fri Mar 5 16:34:16 UTC 2010

On Fri, 5 Mar 2010, Ralph Morelli wrote:

> Mel and Greg,
> Thanks for the suggestions.  Of course, you're right about the "learning the tools" and "learning the culture" distinction.  I think we can probably do a
> decent job of the former during the 3-day workshop but not the latter.  Especially since we are relative newbies at this and haven't really been fully
> immersed ourselves.  Trishan and I have had intermittent episodes of that kind of immersion in our collaboration with Sahana.  So I do appreciate this
> point and have myself often been "productively lost" --- including when working on the Sahana IRC.  :)
> One difference between our 3-day orientation and a POSSE is that for us this is just the beginning of an 8-10 week, full-time collaboration. So we can
> treat the workshop as just the starting point.  One thing we plan to do this summer -- that we haven't tried before -- is using an IRC channel to keep
> the whole group together.  This is the first summer we will not all be located at Trinity.  So it is necessary that we learn to use the IRC well.
> " 'Setting up your own project'  will be perilously large"  -- Yes, that's going to be tricky and in one case we don't really have any experience with
> what that group will be doing. So it's not clear how we can be supportive.   (Greg:  that project is based right in your neighborhood, so perhaps we can
> get you engaged?)

Absolutely.  As I said before, I stand ready to come to your workshop and 
help however I can.

> On the VCS issue,  the different projects use different platforms -- 
> e.g., POSIT (Google Code),  Sahana (Sourceforge, Trac), OpenMRS (SVN), 
> etc.  So the plan would be to provide a general introduction in the 
> plenary session plus a brief introduction to their specific repository 
> in the break out session.  But, again, the 3-day meeting will just get 
> them started.  They'll have all summer to gain experience--hopefully 
> with sufficient mentoring and support.
> Regarding collaborators, we'll try to have some in-person collaborators 
> during the 3-day workshop.  During the summer we'll use IRC, email and 
> other channels.

Awesome.  I plan to add your IRC channel to my "lurk" list.  :)


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