[TOS] Textbook Doc chapter at 75%

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Mar 9 16:41:47 UTC 2010

After a couple of good sprints, I have the "Explaining the Code: the
Art of Documentation" up to at least 75% complete:


It's actually farther along than 75% would let you think, but as a
writer, I always reserve that last 10% for "final edit."

If you want to participate in writing the chapter, there is still
plenty of room:

* Introduction - mainly done, needs a new set of eyes.
* Common tools and processes for open source documentation
** Exercise and example needed an edit.
** Principle is empty.
* Using documentation as a way to get involved
** Exercise is a bit weak and wide.
** Principle could use a bit more.
** Example is empty
* Collaborating on open documentation
** Example is empty
* Documenting technical and community proceedings
** Complete, can use an edit.

I'm confident of being able to fill the empty spots, but I recognized
them as great places for other people to have input.  I'll let things
sit for a bit, then plan a final dive to bring it to 95% (the last 5%
is Greg's to call.)

- Karsten
name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture 
uri:               http://TheOpenSourceWay.org/wiki
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