[TOS] Textbook status

Jeff Sheltren jeff at osuosl.org
Thu Mar 11 21:02:34 UTC 2010

On 03/11/2010 09:51 AM, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> 1. Get every chapter to 100% status.  Having all exercises completed will
> be of particular importance.

I've got a good chunk of the patches chapter done and plan to complete a 
first pass of it over the weekend.

> 2. The infrastructure for the basic version control exercises.  I know
> that Chris set it up, but I honestly haven't even looked at it yet -- but
> it'll take some time to make sure that we've got what we need.

At one point, speaking to Kasten and Mel on IRC, I had offered for 
OSUOSL to provide this service.  But we never dove into details and that 
was the last I heard of it.  I'm glad to do anything here I can to help 
-- which may make sense if Tim is testing out the book on campus to have 
it at OSL where we can work closely on any issues that come up.

> 4. I'm worried that the whole thing will kinda suck and won't hold
> together well -- but I'm always worried about that, and it's certainly no
> reason not to finish strong.  Besides, that's what we're testing here: can
> we build a text like we build software, with alpha and beta releases that
> are useful, if imperfect?  And we won't know until we do it.

I think people have provided a lot of good stuff.  I've read through 
about half of the book in its current form, and overall it is quite 
good.  There are a number of things that stand out to me (changes in 
tone is one big example) that I think detract a bit, but can be ironed 
out with some editing.
> If you have time to spare next week, send a note to the list reporting for
> duty, and let's figure it out.  I'll be on #teachingopensource all week
> long, looking to complete the push to Glorious Victory.

I'll be around and happy to help.


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