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Fri Mar 12 16:23:53 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Just got back from the meeting (which was this afternoon)

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 12:50 AM, Mel Chua <mel at redhat.com> wrote:
>> I'm Izhar Firdaus from Malaysia. I would like to plan a POSSE in one
>> of a local university here: PETRONAS University of Technology
>> (http://www.utp.edu.my).
> Hi, Izhar - we talked a bit on #teachingopensource the other day, so these
> notes are for catching up the rest of TOS about our conversation and adding
> a few things I thought of after we talked.
>> I have talked with Harish Pillay about this idea last week and he
>> seems interested with it. I also have pinged some lecturers and the
>> Head of Computer Information Science department in the university, and
>> from the reply i just got today, they too are interested with it.
> You may also want to get in touch with Tirath (cc'd, since I'm not sure if
> he's still on this list), from Punjabi Education Centre Malacca (PECM), also
> in Malaysia - he came to the POSSE in Singapore and was also interested in
> having one in Malaysia, so perhaps you can join forces.
>> I'm thinking of proposing it to be somewhere between the next semester
>> break (5 june - 25th July)  of the university but the approval
>> dateline for that period ended today.
> After talking on IRC, we're going to be moving to sometime in the
> September-December range (possibly early December) - I wonder if it makes
> sense to try and coordinate timing with the Manila POSSE in some way.
> They'll be aiming for October, iirc.
>> The university asked me for a meeting with them to discuss on this
>> matter, so, erm .. how should I proceed?
> The first things to figure out:
> * curricular focus (CS? Design? Writing? etc. CS probably easiest.)

Curricular focus is CS/ICT

> * date (need 5 consecutive days, all-day except for the last day which is a
> half-day, and we traditionally gather on Sunday nights before the bootcamp
> starts to eat and drink and get to know each other before the real work
> begins).

After discussion with the lecturers, tentative date that we have
agreed upon would be 13-17th December 2010

> * location (need room with wifi open to ssh and IRC).

The meeting also involves a person who is in KPerak (a local state
government project which aims to transform the state as a choice for
ICT investments http://www.kperak.com.my/about.php ) - the person was
the Head of Department of the Computer Information Science department
of UTP before he got into KPerak a few weeks ago.

So, from here , we got 2 options for venue:

1) UTP's lab itself

2) KPerak facilities

in term of logistics, using KPerak facilities is easier due to less
beaurocracy and is nearer to Ipoh town (which means nearer to possible

It is also possible to ask for KPerak to fund/sponsor stuff for the
event (eg: food)

> Funding may be available to cover POSSE instructor expenses; it's something
> we'll have to request at some point down the line, but as we talk about
> things on this list, it's something that'll get figured out, since Max holds
> the pursestrings for that and he's on this list. (We'll figure out a better
> system for this next summer, but for now we're playing a lot by ear.)

I hope we can get funding for POSSE instructor expenses from RH. For
the attendees, probably a combined funding from RH+KPerak or just
KPerak .. If the attendees come as a representative of a university,
it might also be possible for the attendee to claim their travel
expenses from their own university ..

of course, its nothing on black and white right now , so we'll need to
work it out somehow ..

>> Currently i'm referring to
>> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE&
>> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/HOWTO_plan_a_POSSE to get some
>> rough idea.
> Sounds great. I need to revise the latter today based on the emails back and
> forth with Karl. This is extremely useful - thanks for helping us get this
> right. We're doing a lot of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3hge6Bx-4w right
> now; it's kinda fun. ;)
> --Mel

Btw .. I need to write up a proposal to pass to the lecturers for them
to deal with the university management .. any template or sample for
this ? .. tq ..

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