[TOS] wiki syntax for TOS textbook

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sat Mar 13 17:47:48 UTC 2010

I recommend we use the Fedora wiki syntax conventions for the
textbook.  In particular, the content on marking up technical items:


That was specifically written to give a consistent markup for a team
working on material that is going to be converted to DocBook XML.
(It's always a good idea to be consistent, but it really helps to know
that when you find <emphasis>Foo</emphasis> it only means
<application>Foo</application> or actually <emphasis>, etc.)

We have a page that is slightly out of date, but the conversion tables
are accurate:


I am going to check with our Publican and MediaWiki experts to be
sure, but I may need to refactor the = sections = for each chapter.
Not a big deal, but we want something that is going to export and nest
properly right away.

A final item is seeing if I can get a working toolchain for the export
from MediaWiki.  Paul Frields has a package in testing that may
provide the long-awaited solution so we can get a working mw-render
again (it's from python-mwlib, a Python library for interacting with
MediaWiki articles.)

- Karsten
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