[TOS] writing style for textbook

Philip Olson philip at roshambo.org
Mon Mar 15 03:24:18 UTC 2010

>> There's an idea to create a general style guide for the Open Source world here:
>> - http://www.writingopensource.com/
>> And although progress there has stalled, the idea is sound. Perhaps
>> a spark will rejuvenate interest there? Or, simply using the Fedora
>> style guide sounds reasonable too.
> Fedora Docs has been in contact with that group and agreed to
> participate, but as an extra-above-whatever project it hasn't yet
> sparked enough momentum of its own.  If it were my project, I would
> take the Fedora Docs style guide, fork it as a new upstream so
> Fedora's is downstream, and call that 1.0.

Good idea, as things progress there this thought will be on the table.

> We could choose to do the same in using Fedora's style guide, too.  It
> is written to be relatively generic for technical content.

Using the Fedora style guide sounds good, and also means moving forward instead of waiting and hoping. 


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