[TOS] translating FOSS software in Spanish

Steven Huss-Lederman huss at beloit.edu
Mon Mar 22 17:47:32 UTC 2010

I'm currently spending a sabbatical year in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I'm  
teaching a course on Technology and Education at the state university  
to English majors (many will become teachers).  7-10 of the students  
in this class have expressed interest in working on projects to  
translate FOSS into Mexican Spanish.  Since they are native speakers  
of Spanish and are studying English they should be able to do a very  
good translation.  I suspect they lean toward educational software but  
might consider other types.  One issue is that they are not CS  
students so the effort cannot require deep CS knowledge for doing the  
translation (I'm a CS prof. and can help some in setting things up,  
etc).  Software that has internationalization files would seem a good  
fit but I'm open to ideas.  I'm writing to ask if people have  
suggestion on how to do this or specific project(s) they might suggest.


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