[TOS] translating FOSS software in Spanish

Alexandro Colorado jza at openoffice.org
Tue Mar 23 17:22:39 UTC 2010

Hi Steve, I think a software you should get them to be related to is
the use of PoEdit.

Po Edit is used across the board for localization of software, is also
free software and is available at http://www.poedit.net is also a
cross platform development so it runs on GNU/Linux, Windows,  and OSX

About translating software there are a few initiatives for that
available in the free software world.

As the Co-lead of OpenOffice.org we do translations of OpenOffice.org
in something called Pootle which is like a web-based PoEdit. This is a
collaborative platform so we get to organize in teams. More
information here:

The info is a bit outdated but I guess I can update it later this
week. Our pootle implementaton is here:

We also handled some specific localization of OOo4Kids which we still
a wiki-based localization but we should move to PO anytime soon.


Regarding other FLOSS tools, I guess some research could be needed in
order to address particular pieces of software that actually need the
localization. So far OOo and OOo4Kids are pretty much a QA activity.
But I am sure there are very interesting software that has 0
localization or a very basic one.

I remember audacity lagging a good spanish locale, I would also
evaluate the quality of the KDE-edu projects, Debian-Edu and others.


Alexandro Colorado
OpenOffice.org Español
"Support this 31st March - Document Freedom Day "

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