[TOS] Textbook: proposed release plan, PLEASE COMMENT

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Tue Mar 23 21:39:49 UTC 2010

We're getting very close.

I'd like to propose the following release plan.

* WED, 2359 EDT.  Content freeze.  No more new content.  Tag all textbook 
wiki pages "0.8-FREEZE" in the summary field.

* THU.  Final edits by a core team: copyediting, grammar, transitions, 
voice, working together all day on #teachingopensource.  At the conclusion 
of this final edit, tag pages 0.8-FINALEDIT.

* FRI.  Docbook conversion and any required minor format corrections.  At 
the conclusion of this process, tag pages 0.8-RELEASE.  Create a 
"0.8-RELEASE" wiki page that points to the versions of the pages with the 
release tag, so that we've got both "release" and "head" identified on the 

* MON.  Run docbook branch.  Check docbook work into SVN.  Begin to 
advertise the textbook.  Watch Tim Budd go.  Get ready to edit everything 
in sight.  :)

Chris, Karsten, can you have your chapter done by 2359 Wed nite?


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