[TOS] Textbook: proposed release plan, PLEASE COMMENT

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 03:51:22 UTC 2010

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 05:39:49PM -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> We're getting very close.
> I'd like to propose the following release plan.
> * WED, 2359 EDT.  Content freeze.  No more new content.  Tag all textbook 
> wiki pages "0.8-FREEZE" in the summary field.


> * THU.  Final edits by a core team: copyediting, grammar, transitions, 
> voice, working together all day on #teachingopensource.  At the conclusion 
> of this final edit, tag pages 0.8-FINALEDIT.


> * FRI.  Docbook conversion and any required minor format corrections.  At 
> the conclusion of this process, tag pages 0.8-RELEASE.  Create a 
> "0.8-RELEASE" wiki page that points to the versions of the pages with the 
> release tag, so that we've got both "release" and "head" identified on the 
> wiki.

Ooh, innovative usage of wiki history links, haven't tried that
before.  I like it.

> * MON.  Run docbook branch.  Check docbook work into SVN.  Begin to 
> advertise the textbook.  Watch Tim Budd go.  Get ready to edit everything 
> in sight.  :)


With the exception that I'm continuing on the toolchain stuff in
parallel and right now.

Also, note that you are skipping SAT/SUN where we are finishing the
XML editing.  I'll recruit for help and will get Chris a list of who
else needs SVN access by Friday.  Some of the people who have offered
to help are probably best available over the weekend anyway.

> Chris, Karsten, can you have your chapter done by 2359 Wed nite?

"Explaining the Code" went to 100% a few hours ago.  I got some great
cluebats and URLs of CC-licensed content on #fedora-docs yesterday
afternoon, so I ripped and restructure and rewrote, and am sooo much
happier with the chapter.


Lana Brindley[1], whose work is remixed there now, is one of the voices
who has been talking with university students about this topic.  I'm
going to recommend we make this chapter the canonical location for
such content, let us all help improve it, and teach it as we see fit.

- Karsten

[1] http://lanabrindley.blogspot.com
name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture 
uri:               http://TheOpenSourceWay.org/wiki
gpg:                                       AD0E0C41
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