[TOS] POSSE mailing lists creation request

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 19:25:01 UTC 2010

Now that we've flung open the POSSE registration gates, it's time to 
create spaces for each class. Chris, would it be possible to fire up a 
couple mailing lists?

I'd like to have these be open-archive but closed-membership, so that 
only participants of that POSSE will be talking there, but so that 
others can see the results of our discussions during class. It's what 
we've done for individual POSSE event lists in the past (that having 
been said, if you can think of a better arrangement, counterproposals 
are welcome!)

Lists requested:

* posse-cmu
* posse-siliconvalley
* posse-worcester
* posse-rit
* posse-design

(someday, we may want a more regular naming scheme. Right now, given 
that these lists seem to have a life of ~6mo, I'm ok with this rather 
arbitrary one.)

There's one more list proposal coming - I need to wrap my head around it 
a bit more. Matt Jadud suggested to this to me at dinner a few nights 
ago. In short, it's a private, unarchived list that POSSE alumni can 
apply to join (with a gatekeeping group of a few POSSE instructors, 
perhaps), with the agreement that whatever is discussed on that list 
stays on that list. The rationale is that professors need a private, 
safe space to talk about blockers they're running into while trying to 
teach open source.


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