[TOS] Regular POSSE meetings starting next Monday

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 20:16:26 UTC 2010

With POSSEs ramping up for the summer, and multiple 
"the-future-of-POSSEs" conversations going on in the background, I think 
it's time to have regular POSSE meetings. The program's growing and 
maturing and we're learning a tremendous amount, so in the spirit of 
doing things The Open Source Way, we should be doing this 
program-building in an open forum.

4 quick points:

0. Each week's agenda will look like this:
* quick check-in on upcoming POSSEs
* quick check-in on "this would make a cool POSSE" ideas (potential POSSEs)
* taking any questions anyone has about POSSE in general
* and then the bulk of the time for discussion and execution on various 
ideas for "the future of POSSE"[0].

1. To kick things off, I'm going to semi-arbitrarily declare that Monday 
at 19:00 EST (3pm Eastern, for me) will be the first such meeting.

2. For subsequent weeks, we'll pick a time that more interested people 
can attend - if you're interested, put in your availability on 
http://whenisgood.net/h4qzfm and we'll take a look at the start of 
Monday's meeting and set the future meeting time.

3. All meetings will be on IRC in #teachingopensource and the meeting 
will go no longer than an hour. Logs will be published to this list 
right after the meeting ends.


[0] Some things I've heard are (1) generalizing the model to have non-RH 
funding sources, (2) branching out into other disciplines such as 
technical writing and the liberal arts, (3) how to better offer 
resources to POSSE alumni during the school year, (3) a POSSE reunion at 
SIGCSE, (4) how do we find out if POSSE is effective? and... in other 
words, there's plenty to go through.

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