[TOS] POSSE status updates

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed Mar 24 20:33:13 UTC 2010

Quick status updates on the various POSSEs this summer, as best as I 
know what's happening - corrections, questions, etc. welcome, especially 
if you're helping to organize one and need something from me. ;)


== CMU ==

Rolling forward very quickly - I am feeling good about this one. Matt 
Jadud and I will be instructing, and we're going to see Greg Kesden on 
April 2nd to nail down any remaining details. The date under 
consideration now is the last week of July; we just need to confirm that 
it works for getting campus space, and then start pulling in local 
faculty. We're going to try to have at least a few non-CS profs (who are 
willing to tinker with code and follow along there) in order to begin 
exploring the notion of "POSSE for the liberal arts," but are still 
feeling out how that would work.

Next step: confirm date and begin participant recruitment.

== Silicon Valley ==

Similar situation wrt final date (first week of July, for this one); 
we've been waiting for the last few weeks for the person on campus (CMU 
Silicon Valley) who can give us the final +1 date nail-down to get back 
from overseas. Alolita Sharma and Karsten Wade have been gearing up a 
game plan to do outreach to local universities to gather interest and 
attendees, since this POSSE is in large part a strategic move to train 
instructors on the West Coast (Alolita and Karsten) so that more local 
POSSEs can be run - there seems to be plenty of interest in that direction.

Next step: confirm date and begin participant recruitment.

== Worcester ==

Walter Bender has confirmed that he'll be co-teaching this POSSE with 
me, so we'll be doing "Fedora as a development platform for working on 
other codebases" as a theme, using Sugar Labs as an example. Karl Wurtz 
has done a perfect job of lining everything up for this POSSE (thanks, 
Karl!) and I think we just need to give him the materials for a "dear 
local colleagues, please come to POSSE!" push now, and start spreading 
the word in the Boston area.

Next step: participant recruitment.

== RIT ==

Plenty of applications for the RIT POSSE are already coming in thanks to 
the tireless efforts of Steve Jacobs - now we need to spread out to 
other local schools (Buffalo, Albany, etc) to see if we can get some 
faculty from other schools in as well, so that this POSSE becomes a way 
to form a FOSS-tastical network among local schools.

Next step: begin assembling attendee roster, reach out to 
Buffalo/Albany/other local schools.

== Design ==

This one's still a question-mark; we've got Mo Duffy from Fedora/GNOME 
on board to co-teach and a tentative "first week of August" date, but if 
this goes through, it's going to be a small experimental "can we teach a 
POSSE like this at all?" run rather than a "whoa, advertise to 
everyone!" POSSE like the other 4 this summer (we already know we can 
teach a CS-centric POSSE and that this works extremely well).

Next step: Find 5-7 HCI faculty interested in attending an experimental 
Design POSSE.

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