[TOS] I'd like to plan a POSSE

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 25 12:37:38 UTC 2010

> I am pleased to inform you that a date has been chosen for POSSE South
> Africa. It's October 3-8, 2010. I understand that POSSE Manila would
> likely take place in October too. I hope there would not be a problem
> having both POSSEs in October.

Hooray! That should be no problem at all. We'll still need to make sure 
that both events meet all the requirements for a POSSE (as we do for all 
POSSEs), but there's plenty of time to figure that out as we go along.

> As it's been well spelt out, attendees would be responsible for their
> accommodation and feeding. We are looking forward to professors from
> other Universities in S.A, and most likely other African countries.
> The POSSE South Africa's page has been updated. It includes the venue
> and available resources. The curriculum would focus on CS, like the
> previous ones.

Thanks for getting this started, Michael - this is perfect.

> I hope we can get funding for POSSE instructor(s). We will keep you
> informed on this issue.

Ok - we'll need to figure out the budget for this summer's POSSEs before 
seeing how much we have left to sponsor instructors for POSSEs in the 
fall, but it's good to start thinking ahead about this too (and we can 
also look at alternative funding sources if the Red Hat budget ends up 
being tight). Any instructors (or future instructors) interested in 
coming to South Africa? ;)

> I will be joining you at the next POSSE meeting, though it's a pretty
> odd hour for me (in Africa)

If you want to skip the first one (which will probably mostly be about 
this summer's POSSEs, to be honest) and enter your schedule preferences 
for a more permanent time in http://whenisgood.net/h4qzfm so we can pick 
a time that's less of an odd hour for you, that would be ok too (sleep 
is a good thing). I know the first meeting is at a bad hour for a lot of 
people, I just wanted to start having one to build a rhythm, then 
schedule a better time asap.

Results of the schedule poll so far are at 
http://whenisgood.net/h4qzfm/results/dhbqyz if anyone would like to see 


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