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Gregory Hislop hislopg at drexel.edu
Thu Mar 25 15:37:45 UTC 2010

Mel - 

Sorry for the late contribution, but I have a concern about the latest draft.  I've noticed that when I explain the open source things we're doing that an initial reaction is "we do that too".  But with additional conversation it often turns out that "it" is not *participation* in open source, but simple use of open source products (e.g, "we teach our students to use SVN").  The announcement draft overall is clear, but I wonder if the first sentence should address this more directly.  As it is: 

"Interested in learning how to incorporate open source tools, methodologies, and community participation into your existing classes?"

people might read "incorporate open source tools" to mean *use* of open source tools, which is quite common, and may stop reading.  How about something like:

"Would you like to teach your students to be participants and contributors to open source projects?"

or something similarly direct.


Greg Hislop

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>> Your second paragraph, with a slightly modified first sentence, gets
>> right into the point of the email quickly. That might serve as a
>> better starting point.

Whoa, you're right. Cut the first paragraph, and 
sounds much better. Thanks, Matt.

I worry that professors may not know *why* open source is a valuable 
thing to incorporate into their classes, but my blathering on 
"distributed international teams on large, complex, existing projects" 
wasn't a good way to explain it anyway. ;) And maybe for this summer's 
POSSES we need to start with the professors who are already interested, 
or figure that those of us near this summer's POSSE locations can reach 
out and explain it to enough individuals that all our classes will be 

Folks who've been looking for a template to announce POSSE to their 
institutions with - does this now fit the bill closely enough that you 
can adapt it from here?

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